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Embodying the values of empowerment and pioneering leadership that define SPROUT(ED) runs through Laura’s core. With a stellar track record of transforming fledgling startups into industry heavyweights, her innovative approaches are always ahead of the curve, backed by actionable insights for scalable and sustainable growth. Laura doesn’t just teach success she exemplifies it. Through her guidance, you’ll not only discover the potential within your business but also the strategies to actualise it.


A visionary leader specialising in digital transformation and automation, echoing SPROUT(ED)’s core values of innovation and sustainable growth. Known for his Transparent Integrity, Ross has a knack for demystifying the complexities of cutting-edge technologies like AI, turning them into accessible tools that drive efficiency and profitability. With years of experience fostering an environment of trust and mutual respect with clients.


We had the pleasure of collaborating with Emma Hedley to completely transform her business by implementing a robust growth and scalability strategy. When Emma first approached us, she was facing several challenges, primarily an overwhelming workload and inefficiencies in her operations, alongside a convoluted brand identity and message.

She also wanted to expand into wholesale but didn’t know where to start. After conducting a comprehensive business analysis, we identified key areas for improvement and immediately set to work.

We started by streamlining her operations, automating repetitive tasks, and introducing key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress. Whilst getting into her customer’s psyche to appeal and market to them in a greater way. With a more efficient operation, Emma could focus on strategic growth rather than getting bogged down by day-to-day tasks.

Shamanic Rebirth

We were thrilled to have Dawn from Shamanic Rebirth attend our “Unleash Your Potential” event.

Dawn came with an open mind but was astounded by the transformative power of thinking big. Prior to the event, she had been limiting herself with small-scale aspirations.

During the day event, something clicked for her. She realised that her business could truly become the powerhouse she knew it could become with the right mindset. 

Toontech Studios

We were delighted to collaborate with Toontech Studios on refining their branding, solidifying their brand identity, and clarifying their unique offerings.

When Toontech first approached us, they had incredible creative energy but lacked a cohesive brand strategy that could bring their vision to life.

Since then, Toontech Studios has successfully branded and defined their messaging, leading to a 50% uptick in new client enquiries.

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