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Launch Like a Legend: The 12-Week Programme to Rocket Fuel Your Membership SiteBuckle up, future membership mogul! You're about to ... Show more
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Launch Like a Legend: The 12-Week Programme to Rocket Fuel Your Membership Site


🚀 Ready to Catapult Your Online Programme from “Meh” to “Wow”? 


Buckle up, future membership mogul! You’re about to embark on a 12-week journey that will transform your “someday” dreams into “launching today” realities. Say goodbye to the confusion, the what ifs, and the ‘not yets’. It’s time to make your mark online, and we’re here to ensure your success with a sprinkle of fun, a dash of wisdom, and a whole lot of actionable strategies.


What’s in Store? 🎁


  • Week 1 -“Niche Knighthood” – Hone your niche so finely, it slices through digital clutter like a sword through dragon scales.
  • Week 2 -“Plan Like a Pirate” – Chart your course with a map so detailed, X marks not just the spot but a treasure trove of success.
  • Week 3 – “The Content Kingdom” – Forge content so captivating, it could rally an army of loyal followers with a mere whisper.
  • Week 4 – “Platform Palooza” – Pick your digital castle where your flag will fly high, be it a sprawling empire or a cozy nook.
  • Week 5 -“The Gold Gates” – Secure your vaults with payment gateways so seamless, members happily fill your coffers with gold.
  • Week 6 -“ The Price is Precise” – Master the art of pricing, finding that magical number that feels like a steal yet fills your treasure chest.
  • Week 7 – “ Content Connoisseur” – Unlock the secret chambers of exclusive content that makes members feel like part of the royal court.
  • Week 8 – “Email Enchantment” – Cast spells of automation that send messages flying like carrier pigeons, each bearing news tailored to its reader.
  • Week 9 – “The Funnel Fortress” – Construct a fortress of funnels so powerful, it turns mere visitors into valiant defenders of your realm.
  • Week 10 – “Marketing Magic” – Concoct a potion of promotional prowess that spreads your fame across the lands.
  • Week 11 – “Social Spellcasting” – Weave enchantments through social media, summoning storms of attention and legions of followers.
  • Week 12 – “Launch Legacy” – Rally your forces, sharpen your swords, and unfurl your banners. It’s time to conquer the digital world!


Embark on this grand adventure and transform your vision into a kingdom where members flock to your banner, content reigns supreme, and your coffers overflow. Ready your quill, gather your maps, and let’s set sail to the land of legendary launches!


Why Us? 🌟


  1. Expert Guidance – Learn from one of the best in the biz. We’ve help our clients launch more sites than NASA has rockets!
  2. Fun Filled Learning – Who said building a business has to be boring? Not us! Expect puns, jokes, and maybe a meme or two.
  3. Results Driven – We focus on actionable insights. No fluff, no filler, just pure, unadulterated momentum towards your goals.


The Perks 🍒


  • Lifetime Access – Revisit the content anytime. It’s yours to keep forever, like that one catchy song you can’t get out of your head.
  • Progress Tracking Tools – Keep a clear view of your journey with our progress trackers. Celebrate your milestones, reflect on your growth, and stay motivated as you see just how far you’ve come.


Who Is This For? ✅


Aspiring membership site moguls who have a vision but need a roadmap.

Established online entrepreneurs looking to add a recurring revenue stream.

Anyone who loves the idea of learning in a fun, engaging environment.


Ready to Rocket? 🚀


Don’t let another year pass wishing “if only I’d started.” The time is now, and the rocket is fuelled. Are you ready for liftoff?


Join Us 


Your journey to digital stardom awaits. Sign up now, and let’s launch your dream into the digital stratosphere!



Do I need any prior experience to join the programme?
Absolutely not! This programme is meticulously designed to cater to both novices and those with some experience under their belt. We'll start with the basics, ensuring a solid foundation is set before gradually moving into more advanced topics. Our resources and community support are tailored to help participants of all levels grasp the concepts and apply them effectively. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to polish your skills, you'll find immense value in our comprehensive approach.
What if I fall behind in the programme?
Life happens, and we understand that completely. That's why you have lifetime access to all programme materials. If you miss a week or need more time on a particular section, you can easily catch up at your own pace. The programme is designed to be flexible, accommodating the ebbs and flows of daily life.
Can I apply the lessons to my existing online business?
Absolutely! The strategies and insights shared in this programme are designed to be universally applicable, whether you're starting from scratch or looking to scale an existing platform. We cover everything from niche identification and content creation to marketing and sales funnel optimisation. You'll find actionable advice and strategies to enhance your current business model, increase engagement, and boost conversions.
What makes this programme different from others?
Our programme stands out for its comprehensive coverage and expert led content. Unlike others that might focus narrowly on specific aspects of launching an online programme, we provide a holistic view that encompasses every stage of the process. The blend of humour, practical insights, and actionable steps ensures a learning experience that's both enjoyable and effective. Plus, our emphasis on real world applications, combined with lifetime access and downloadable resources, means you're not just learning, you're doing.
How soon can I expect to see results after completing the programme?
The timeline for seeing tangible results will vary depending on several factors, including the nature of your online programme or membership site, the effort you put into implementation, and market conditions. Generally, participants who diligently apply what they've learned start to see initial results, such as increased engagement or preliminary sign ups, within a few weeks after applying specific strategies. Significant growth and revenue generation typically build momentum over several months as you refine your offerings based on feedback and analytics.
Can this programme help me if I'm not sure what my online programme should be about?
Yes, absolutely! One of the key objectives of the first week is to help you identify your niche, which is crucial for determining the focus of your online programme. Through exercises and resources provided in the early stages of the programme, you'll explore your passions, skills, and market demand to pinpoint a viable and exciting direction for your online programme or membership site.
What happens if the market or my interests change after I've launched my online programme?
Flexibility and adaptability are core principles we emphasise throughout the programme. Markets evolve, and personal interests can shift, this is a natural part of running an online business. We equip you with the strategies to pivot your content, marketing, and even your overall focus, should the need arise. You'll learn how to gather and interpret feedback, analyse market trends, and make data driven decisions that align with your evolving goals and interests, ensuring long term sustainability and success.
OPB - Online Programme Builder - SPROUT(ED)
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Duration 12 Weeks
Lectures 12
Level Intermediate